Brick my WL500GP v2

WL-500gP V2's subnet ID and the subnet ID in WAN are the same.

reflashing my wl500gpv2 with all versions of firmware images from but unfortunately could not login to no one of them with default user/pass admin/admin to web interface. Also tried some standard combinations root/admin root/root root/password ..

1. pull power cable and wait 20 seconds
2. keep button pressed and connect power cable: power led should flash
3. ping should reply else redo steps 1 and 2
4. run Asus Firmware restoration tool, select firmware file (e.g. wg01080109_WL500g_EN.trx) and press upload.
After some seconds press the Abort button or wait until it says "Upload fails! Please check the connection"
5. from a dos box or linux console run: tftp -i put wg01080109_WL500g_EN.trx
6. tftp returns something like: "Transfer successful: 3731456 bytes in 2 seconds, 1865728 bytes/s" if it doesn't redo steps 1-5 (sometimes I needed three or four times before it worked)
7. after ca. 80 seconds your Asus should reboot

I did this procedure with
1. wl500g-clear-nvram.trx
2. wl500g-recover.trx
Then I could flash any firmware and the device was alive again.....