UMAX Astra 3400 installed onto Windows 7, XP mode.....

Astra 3400 working fine in Windows XP, not in Vista or win7.
UMAX not only stop supporting this model for WIN7, but also charge additional fees on XP driver downloading.
For Win7 above home basic version, install XP mode.(470 MB)
XP mode downloading required activation too.
Windows 7 Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode Official Direct Download Links
XP Mode is a separate download that only works in Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions.
My ASUS EEE pc failed Securable test for Hardware Virtualization. KB77206 is told to remove this limits for failing this test, yet my system keep telling me about wrong version, cannot been installed.
Using windowsactivateupdate to no avail.
After install windowsXPMode several times, still get

XP mode already installed but it won't run"

Finally realized that KB958559 is required, its the virtual PC software itself.
With VPC. Xp mode come up after reboot.
In XP Mode, enable the USB port,  Astro 3400 is scanner working perfect.