Data Recovery

Choosing the right professional data recovery company is possibly the most important decision you will make when you have lost data.

we understand that your data needs to be recovered in an affordable and a timely fashion. Therefore, we start evaluating your drive immediately at no cost to you plus if we do not recover the data, you are not charged a penny! In fact, we also offer an exclusive free pick-up and delivery service to most bay area cities*.

We can affordably recover your lost data from a variety of media whatever the cause: virus infection, accidental format, partition corruption, crashes, fire, flood, mechanical damage, power surges, etc.

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Affordable, on-time, and professional data recovery on all media and operating systems due to hardware failure, software corruption, or natural disaster.

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Fill out the FREE EVALUTAION DATA RECOVERY REQUEST from to the best of your knowledge online or print the attached version. Please read the shipping and handling instructions below before mailing any media

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Types of Media
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We accept all sizes and formats of the following media:

Floppy Disk
Hard Drives – Firewire, USB, IDE
Mini USB drives
Flash Cards

Ship or drop off your media / computer with the completed FREE EVALUATION DATA RECOVERY REQUEST form (if printed) to our following location:

8641 Coran Dr.

Cincinnati, OH. 45255

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Call 513-474-7791


Data Recovery fees vary significantly based on many factors: type of media, amount of data, parts availability, degree of internal damage, degree of external damage, degree of corruption, and type of corruption.

Shipping and Handling
Recovery Process
Confirmation of Receipt

Hard disk drives (HDDs) and other magnetic media (FDD, zip disks, etc) can be critically damaged by static electricity, shock, and other factors, often resulting in additional drive damage. Use the following instructions for shipping and proper handling of your media.

STATIC - make sure your media is placed in anti-static bags before packing. You can typically find these bags at an electronics supply store or call us an we will mail you one.

SHOCK AND VIBRATION - Shock and/or vibration can cause further damage to your media. To insure the media is protected at all times, package the media in a box with at least 2" of padding (i.e. foam, bubble wrap) on ALL 6 SIDES. Please do NOT pack with Styrofoam peanuts. Failures caused by shock and/or vibration account for one third of all HDD troubles.

If you mailed us your media or computer:

As soon we receive your media or computer a sales representative will be assigned to your case and will contact you immediately to answer any questions, comments, and/or concerns you may have.

If you drop off or we pick up your media or computer:

You will immediately be assigned a sales representative and the free evaluation process will begin.

Free Evaluation

Our team of experts will immediately begin the free evaluation process. This process may take between 24 - 48 hours depending on the extent of damage to the media.

Free Evaluation

We recommend UPS. Visit and click on locations to find a UPS store near you. Our Promise - Ship us your drive and we will pay for return shipping

Our Team of experts will immediately begin the free evaluation process. This process may take between 24 - 48 hours depending on the extent of damage to the media

We pay for one-way shipping included in the FREE EVALUATION – NO DATA, NO CHARGE Promise

Your sales representative will fax, email you a quote for your approval to begin the recovery after the free evaluation is complete.

In 95% of all recovery cases data will be recovered at this quote.

However, a revised quote may be given anytime during the recovery. For example, in order for the drive to be read a head transplant might be necessary and a quote will be given. However, only after the head transplant is complete can we further determine the severity of data corruption.
Again, no charge will be accessed if you do not approve a second level quote.
Recover Data
The recovery process begins!

Upon recovering your data, a list of files will be sent you via fax or email for your approval.


To keep costs affordable, payment is due in full upon completion of recovery, prior to release of all or part of any recovered data by check, money order, bank transfers, or PayPal.

Return Data

After we have finished recovering your data we will transfer it to another drive, CDROM, DVD, any other media of your choice or by FTP transfer.