Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527

Hot tea were spilled over around keyboard area. It resulted to a dead notebook.
The first response that dealt with drinks spilled over electronic device(e.g laptop in this case) was to disengage the power device from this laptop.
So take out the battery units with power adaptor then waited till it dried out.
After drying out, we have to disassemble this units for further investigation.
check for this site for disassemble procedure

Follow steps outline there, Be careful on step 7, which is to take bezel out from laptop,also remember that "White cable - main, black cable - auxiliary" which is for the WLAN card connection

rest of the disassemble procedures are not too complicated.
Once we had all parts laying around, checking for shortage and/or spilled-over mark everywhere.
Moisture are definitely the killer for electronic device, so I warned you again.
To figure out why this unit don't come up the screen,
We need the MOBO, memory, External VGA monitor to test which unit cause problem?
power light indicate that MOBO's live, yet even external VGA show no picture.
Trace the line and clean the board, still show no picture, also the fan wont turn on.
Re-soldering on the MOBO part, which seems have certain burned marks, no avail.
Replacing memory(switch memory slot), no avail.
took one memory out, no avail.
use different memory, TA-DA........
Screen comes back.
Waters spilled over onto laptop caused shortage happened on memory slot and then burned down the memory chip,
re-soldering on the MOBO and replace memory card solved problems.