Telephone and Telecom Services

Telephone and Telecom Services

  • Install/repair telephone and/or data jacks
  • wired/wireless router installation.
  • Run new phone or CAT5 for phone and/or DSL into your home or office from telephone service box or main point of entry.
  • Telephone/data termination punch down (66/110 block, or ethernet patch-panel)phone/data distribution point build out.
  • rerouting phone / data cabling.
  • identification of existing phone extensions, or addition of existing phone extensions in new locations
  • Business or Residential systems
  • Telephone cabling additional jacks
  • System expansion, problem identification and resolution

  • Analog or Digital phone systems

  • Category 3 or 5, phone or Ethernet cabling

  • Wired or Wireless network design or expansion

  • DSL or Cable Internet setup and sharing

  • Interior, exterior or plenum grade cabling

  • Punch down block , Trace, ID and closet mapping

  • PBX Lucent, Panasonic, Nortel and Meridian phone adds and moves

  • TV coaxial cable or speaker cable installation