outlook express and microsoft word 2000

Low end Dell system with windows XP home version Sp2.
Clean with no major Virus and/or spyware. MS office and Outlook Express 6 installed.
Xp version is English and Office 2000 is chinese.
From OE try to open the word file attachment, wordpad's instead been launched, and endless error pop up stating that either some document was miss in temp folder or files been truncated.
Download the attachments in question, then open it with MS-word is fine.

first thought of such problem is that the file association was not to MS-word, yet the stripped down version of Wordpad.
I was wrong, inside the fold options and files type, Word is what it use for .DOC files.
Since office 2000 was setup as chinese version, some of the links may be corrupted, reinstallation may be time consuming, so the workaround is before jumping into OE, Open MS-word first, then double click the attach file, the results coming out perfectly.