USB parallel cable connected to HPDJ 500

Newer HP Pavilion laptop comes with no legacy lpt port, yet we like to still use this very old HP DESKJET 500.
USB Parallel cable was designed to solve this problem, Even inside windows XP come with the built-in driver. Follow the direction to install the printer driver, everything seems OK, yet every print out pop up this error message " fail to print document".
Several attemps had been tried:
  1. try another HP desktop system to connect this DJ500 through the USB port, OK.( it proves that this DJ500's fine).
  2. Using different USB parallel cable(same maker), test printing failed.(so this USB parallel is not the problem).
  3. Using this laptop connect to another HP LaserJet 5L( also the legacy printer with parallel port), it print out fine.
  4. Connect to microsoft update, no newer update concerning USB or printer driver need.
  5. Remove usbprinter.inf and from c:\windows\inf folder, delete this usb printing service from device management, then restart the computer, USB device error pop up, no driver download from HP site could solve this error. Finally restore the usbport and usbprinter file from recycle bin, make this USB device error disappear. Yet the DJ500 still fail to complete printing.
None so far. maybe reinstall windows xp and then before install any other program, try this printing, is just too much to try this option. after all usb printer dont cost much this day.