Free disposable web email service without registration

You may always get free web email account from Google, Yahoo, AOL ..............
It is just bothersome that they require your registration and later your management.
what if you just need temporary email address to feed some web site......
This scenery goes like this,
you visit certain wen page, and you are interest in some resource( files download or web page),
yet this services ask for your registration.
So email address is needed.
You don't like to give out your regular email address fear that it may be used as junk mail receiver.
So you create a free email account from like gmail or yahoo.
Lots of information needed like gender, birthday, security question, password, not mention the computer generated graphics to verify that you are a human being.
after you get your free email account, then you give that to the web site that require email address, and from the email you activated your service.
You might never need that email account anymore, or you might not remember your password, and that email just no longer in use.
NOW, Lets go back to the first place, the web site asking for email address, well.......enter
if you have to activate your account from the email you receive,
just go into
enter "anything-you-can-think-of",
then you are in your email inbox.