Add . swf file to blog

I got email from my friend Which is a funny movie clip about Hillary for Presidency 2008.
As you may find it here.
It is a link to a Html page with this embedded SWF file.
I was trying to get this on to my blogger.
Here is how:
view firefox page source,it reveal the code file, yet nowhere to download.
Google for swf downloading, finding
  1. Videoget: only good for youtube video downloading, will not see the embedding swf file.
  2. Flash Video Recorder(fvr): it is sorta screen capture recoding program,i it fits our needs.yet it is very trouble for setting the screen size, and reedit the resultant page also required.
  3. FlashFavorite: First several test don't show me any flash files list. I guess it is because my firefox browser, so I launch my IE, play around 2 times, then I figured out the location of the flash file, and managed to download it locally.
Call up my blog site, Select this local flash for uploading
Upload video is nor working, cause it don't support flash, only certain movie file ,like AVI.
So i googled for the flash to avi convert.
  1. Apex video converter, Total video converter, Abest avi converter,..... None of them working, most dont take flash as supported files.
  2. Swf2avi: finally it is what I am looking for. it sees the flash .swf file naturally, and it allows the output converted to avi files. Bad thing: it generates big files, from 5 mb flash to 1.8gb avi. Also there is no options check for reduce the size by codec compression. which mean that after the avi file is generated, we need to locate the conversion utility to downsize from 2 gb to 100 mb. that is mission impossible.
Next thing is googling for adding flash into blogger:
check here
In general, upload this flash file to web host(in my case,
create new post, then edit HTML, insert following code :

<object height="340" width="150">
<param value="MYFLASH.swf" name="movie">
<embed src="URL OF MYFLASH.swf" height="340" width="150">

Change the url,height and width, then publish.