"An error occurred attempting to create the Object Picker. An error with no description has occurred."

Computer: Gateway Pentium P4 system, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD.
System:Windows 2000 Pro SP4, Office XP...This machine is a standalone machine, not connected to a network, nor is it a member of a domain, nor active directory installed.
Boot up fail, system comes up with a black out screen. Booy up with TEch cd and found out there's residues of virus left over, totally reinstalled without reformatting HDD, and clean this computer from the virus code out, since then differnt problems comes up:

first problem:

Get Administrator to be able to designate users(power users or administrator) into appropriate groups? Whenever adding a user to any of the local groups, the following message: "An error occurred attempting to create the Object Picker. An error with no description has occurred." pop up.Photobucket

Trying to edit user permissions within administration (under Computer Management) When editing users in an attempt to make an existing user a member of a new group, I get the same error:(this error appears as soon as I click the Add button!).

I found out that I am unable to display the user selection dialog. (null)



when I view the list of users in the local admin group the name of the accounts disappear, specially the user(don) that was created before this system's crashed.

click on users and password:


so we log on the administrator's password:

Photobucket Old users account dont show up


Click on advanced tab, the old user accounts appeared,


yet add old account to administrator group, failed again.

Delete this old account dont work either.



Several suggestions for correcting this error:
  • Remote Registry Service started and set to automatic.

  • less than 15 ips bound to the NIC.

  • registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTLDAPClsid presented and correct.

  • checked admin shares

  • replaced riched32.dll

  • Change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesLanmanServerParameters AutoShareServer and AutoShareWks registry values to 1.
One of the solutions that solved this problem is from hidev.com Even though the description does not fit to our situation, our system is a standalone system with no network system attached, yet download the ldap_fix.zip , expand this ldap_missing.reg solved all the problem was mentioned above.