IE7 popup blcoker

The problem that certain web site doesn't seem to function is that Pop-up blocker embedded with IE7. For security reason, your computer will block you out from log into that site without your permission.

This feature come with IE7, the Pop-up Blocker is automatically enabled IE7 so most pop-ups should be blocked out.

To change the settings of the Pop-up Blocker within IE7:

clicking Tools, Pop-Up Blocker, Pop-up Blocker Settings, then configure IE to allow pop-ups from the Web sites then clicking Add.

There's also Notification and Filter Level, you can configure Internet Explorer to play a sound and show the Information bar when a pop-up is blocked. So it will be less confused next time if you felt that IE7 silently shut you off from certain web site.

As far as why adding memory to your computer cause this popup blocker activate did not make sense at all, all we can blame is that computer is stupid sometimes.

If you like to block out certain web site out from your computer, check here