Re: transfer user name's email and setting


I have setup a trial account,

I then transfer my outlook email, calendar, tasks, address book into this

I am pleased with it, so I purchased a domain from  Is there a way that I can change this to and still keep these data I transferred before?
Do i have to delete this info after I changed it to new one, so there is only one charge fee?
To keep the data transferred before, it just need to verify the vanity domain and change to directly. You do need to delete, and no extra charge is needed.
Are you using Office 365 for Small Business or for Enterprises?
If you are using Office 365 for Small Business, refer to the following article to verify your domain at Office 365.
After verifying the domain, please continue to change the Name Server record at your domain name registrar. Refer to the article below:
If you are using Office 365 for Enterprises, please refer to the following article to verify your domain at Office 365.
After verifying the domain, please continue to add a MX record and the autodiscover CNAME record at your current domain name registrar, so that you can use Exchange Online to receive and send emails by using your vanity domain.
After finishing the above steps, please refer to the following steps to change to
1. Log into Office 365, click Admin.
2. Under Management, please click Users.
3. Click the display name of Click Details to change the User name to
4. Click Save. The next time, you will need to log into Office 365 by using the new user name with the original password directly. 

change the administrator account from admin@company.onmicrosoft.comto, it isn’t necessary to purchase a license for the new created user. Even though, the new created can be used to log on Microsoft Online Portal to change your
Please Note: You need to use difference name for the new created user (such Then you can change your original account to
For the detailed steps to change the administrator account to, please refer the following steps:
1. Log on the Office 365 Admin Home Page with the new temporary created administrator.
2. Click Admin, and then click Users under Management.
3. Check your account, and then click Edit. Click Properties under your user name.
4. Select the new domain after @ in the User name drop down list. Then click Save.

Then your username will be changed from
After changing the account to, you can delete the new created administrator account that doesn’t have license. Then you can use one to manage users.

we can log into another administrator account and modify the username for your admin user.
In addition, we can also run the commands in Windows PowerShell to rename a Microsoft Online Services ID.
1. Please use information on website below to install and configure Windows PowerShell.
Please Note: When configuring Windows PowerShell, please log on your Office 365 account which Microsoft Online Services ID you would like to change on the credential window and then type your password for Office 365 account.
2. Run the following command to rename Microsoft Online Services ID:
Set-Mailbox - MicrosoftOnlineServicesID
For example, to rename the user ID of an existing user named Kim Akers, who has the Microsoft Online Services ID, to, run the following command:
Set-Mailbox -MicrosoftOnlineServicesID
For more information, you may refer to the article below.
For your reference, I have attached the process produced on my side.