Data recovery from corrupt system

A Dell system came in for data recovery.
Inside his email, he noted:

Below listed are the portions, he is interested

in to recover.

Please note that a "Geek Squad" has already tried

and declared the hard drive as unopenable.
 This broken computer is not operatable in the first place, it took me a while to get its 40 GB hard disk out, with attaching to a working machine, and utility tool to scan/recover bad sector, I finally got all his data back to DVD disk now.
During his data recovery, 3 thing came to my attention:

  1. "Property Loss" image files backup on DVD error.metadata of these files are lost for some reason, like the date it's taken, the author, summery, etc are lost.   It happened once the files were copied from non-NTFS partition to NTFS partition, or vise versa.
  2. copy files destination path too long.
    This " file has TOO LONG of a file name, then provides with two unhelpful options: SKIP or CANCEL, Files exist in paths that are deeper than MAX_PATH characters" solution:
    • Resolution 1: Use an auto-generated 8.3 name to access the file
    • Resolution 2: Rename or move a deep folder
    • Resolution 3: Map a drive to a folder in the structure of the path
    • Resolution 4: Use a network share that is as deep as the folder
    • Resolution 5: Use a tool that can traverse deep paths
      • Total Command. RichCopy
  3. Outlook file locations

    ShowMessage (.msg, .htm, .rtf)