Seagate FAT issue

This Seagate Freeagent Theater is plugged into the following wired network setups:

Going into a Netgear 16-port 100 megabit switch which is uplinked to a Time warner cable router.

The media is pulled from a DD-WRT OPTWARE equipped router running Samba version 3.5.11.

While playing a video file or DVD ISO across the network and the playback will stop. One of the following two things then happens:

A. Video stops for several seconds, stutters some, pauses again and then resumes normal playback. This may happen multiple times during a single media file. Each time playback is interrupted it takes around 10-30 seconds to resume playback.
B. Video stops and then I get this error message
:Media is Removed.
Stop Playback[OK]

Once a time that I noticed FAT+ ip address dropped to none available. I have to reset FAT+ to regain the control of FAT+.
But from local PC, I still can ping and access SAMBA drive.

Possible solution:
  1. Disable torrent downloads, and/or heavy files transfers on the net.
  2. file related, most of the files that freeze up are mkv/avi file, rmvb filrs are OK.
  3. some suggested frame drops caused by imperfect sync between FAT+ and TV,The TV set is not highend model, .the suggestion of Motionflow/Cinemamode/Theater/24p mode on/off  did ring a bell when I test TV setting.
  4. Using composite Video/Audio connection instead HDMI, yet the info that I stump about pin 13 of HDMI cable issue, its worthy noted here."disabling pin 13 on the HDMI cable, see if that fixes the problem. Pin 13 9CEC communication)on the player is sending the wrong signal to HDMI devices."

[Edit]: This media removed message pop up again, before that I noticed there's stop warning sign appear on the left top corner 2 or 3 times. My transmission GUI  traffics were heavily loaded. It also drop FAT+ ip address, just simply power on/off through remote controller will not bring FAT+ unit back with its static IP. I have to unplug and plug in the power cord for it to connect to the network again.
Disable transmission traffic seems to be the temporary solutions for nohow. I will work on balance traffics load later.