adobe falsh keep ask installing on Tor browser

I am working on Tor browser(Firefox) to peek a video that's been block out.
Tor seems to have embedded proxy to  hide my identity.
Unfortunately Tor cannot play youtube flash video, keep asking for adobe flash player installed.
I have google chrome which play youtube video fine, yet Tor refuse it.
Also test this on IE fine.


adobe flash deinstall -
adobe flash install -

1. Download flash uninstaller from here:
(read instructions)
2. Close all browsers and applications that may use Flash Player.
3. Run the uninstaller.
4. Use "Complete Standalone Installer"
Try this link:

In the "Macintosh HD/Library/Receipts/" folder I deleted the FlashPlayer.pkg and restarted my browser.

uninstalling an old Adobe AIR install (and a shockwave player install at the same time). After a restart, I was finally able to successfully install the flash player, and have it actually be detected and work at at flash web page.

The solution I've managed to find for me was in the "(not signed)" ActiveX controls.
Namely the "My Points" toolbar. As soon as I disabled that everything ran smoothly.

Disable your fire wall first.

go to Tools on Firefox
click Add Ons
click Extensions
disable Real Player Browser Record Plugin

conflict with the newest version of Google Page Speed extension

install ADOBE READER!!!

Turn off the USER ACCESS CONTROL and follow this link! ur problem will be solve! gud luck

Solution that worked for me:
- Downloaded the following files: NPSWF32.dll and flashplayer.xpt
- Extracted them
- Copy them on Opera installation dir ... \program\plugins\
- restart opera
- Problem solved
Instructions, links:

I did all the install/uninstall Flash 10 stuff to no avail. Then I decided to start playing around with the Settings Manager (which is stored on Adobe's website).
In the "Global Storage Settings panel" I put a check in the box that says "allow 3rd party flash content to store data on your computer". The other box was already checked so I didn't touch it. I closed my browser, opened it again then went to a web site that I was previously UNABLE to view video's and voila, now I could see them again!

After extensive surfing on lots of forums I found this thread here on Adobe Forum and I remembered that I edited recently HOSTS file that can be found in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc . I edited it coz I did not wanted to see advertisement banners in Winamp application. Among other sites there was also a line: which was the reason why IMDB trailers did not start so I removed this line from HOSTS file and left other intact and now everything is OK. Trailers are working perfectly again with the Adobe Flash Player in all browsers as before

Go to a site called softwarepatch and download
Flash Player (Complete Standalone Installer)
I tried to post the link but the spam filter triggered and didn't let me post it.