Intel server board S5000VSA beep issue

long one continuous beep after open computer chassis and removed HDD unit.?
  1. Chassis intrusion detection. didn't solve problem after chassis been put back.
  2. Fan controller fails: No visible fan stop work.
  3. LED signal did not show abnormal light, cannot tell since out of site.
  4. LSI megaraid controller's webbios indicated one broken HDD, since the beep sound did not come up rom getting into MB Bios, it only appear after megeraid bios click in.
  5. 3 internal 250 sata found in server, 1 possible broken, removed from server, then replaced with 1 GB HDD, server seems still working, only showing 500 GB HDD. suspected its on RAID 5 configuration.
  6. with everest inventory module, it reveal the existence of megaraid controller, and external  250 GB USB HDD(this HDD misguided us about whole Raid structure).
  7. Since server seem works fine, the only problem is that non stop beep, many tries were to stop that noisy.(net stop beep command and windows register hack to no avail).
  8. Using service to remote control the server unit, VNC did not work.
  9. Intel active server software display the storage function, yet it only log when HDD unit were plug in and out, not really mention how it was working fine or not.
  10. eventviewer service seem not help to reveal server problem.
  11. for Raid 5 configuration, minimum number of HDD is 3, this is what get me thinking its Raid 5, but as a logical unit, are we supposed to see the full size displayed? Currently there's 500 GB logical driver for this 2 units 250 GB physical HDD, are we supposed to see the full amount less than the combination? could this whole HDD raid system be possible to configure as Raid 0 in the first place? considering total size of 500 GB and external USB hdd used?
  12. the supposed failed HDD was detected like non-initialized HDD through USB connected to another normal system?
  13. Do we need same size HDD( or similar size) to do raid?
  14. how do we know surely and quickly which drive is the faulty one?
  15. since those HDD were built about the same time, will one failed indicated other 2 HDD are on the same track to be failed in the near future?

To be continued................
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