Passport photo under 1 dollar

  1. Digital Camera and Internet Access(required)
  2. Take pictures following Guidelines for Producing High Quality Photographs for U.S. Travel Documents
  3. Subscribed to, upload digital photo to their site, and manage to crop photo to desired size, this web service will transport to 4 in by 6 in format,(in which case, it generate 8 passport photo(2 in by 2in) which you download to your local computer, after then upload to your online photo site( is the one I use), from there you may choose to print them out and receive your passport photo from mail or pick them up in store(Walgreen or target). And I only paid 20 cent to get my 8 passport photo.(note: you need 2 picture for passport, other 6 photos can be given to your loved one for their wallets)

  4. Like many free service site, now Incorporated their ad on the picture, also the available photo on one picture reduce to six, one of the photo space is used for their advertisement. It leaves only Five Photo on one picture. If that pissed you off then try web service.