Reboot your computer prior to un-installing this software

This system is infected with virus.
Symptoms: Internet speed slow, Pop-up windows always jump off from nowhere to inform that drivers and virus definitions update required.
Call upon task-manager(CTRL-ALT-DEL), certain process was not recognized, including this Shdserv.exe. remove this process cause system hang up.
reboot then, try "add and remove program". find the following program list there and not supposed to.
"internet service"
"search and destroy"
"secure browse"
"web application"
but I have a very hard time to un-install these programs.
they keep telling you:

Attention: You should reboot your computer prior to un-installing this software, reboot now.

Even though SPYBOT and superantispyware cannot handle these virus, attempting to remove these virus will eventually cause the system hangup.
finally get hijackthis.exe install in safe mode, remove out the unnecessary process, and using CCLeaner to delete these program entries out from the system.
PS: spybot would hangup if 1.5 was installed and upgrade to 1.52. Error message jump out telling that certain folder was used, and process time will jump to 100% high and then hang up. I have to resolve this by un-install Spybot 1.5 first, then reinstall SPYBOT 1.52.
PS: After finish this virus removed, the "network connection" for wireless was disappeared, internet access's still working.(this will be another post.