laptop: Dell Vostro 1700
Bluetooth mouse not working
1. check BT mouse's battery fine, turn mouse upside down, click on/off switch on, red light indicates that mouse is turned on.

2 in the back of the mouse, hold on to bluetooth button(as the name implied, blue button), you may find that upside of the mouse,blue light flashed, that is to say, this device is looking for the host(computer) receptor. so let's go back to the computer side.

3.Rerun the BT Mouse setup program from the CD disk. Dell BT mouse is actually rebrand from Logitec, Installation info about attach USB port mouse is somewhat confused.
4. click on F1-help, foloow the instruction as provided yet found no icon for Device Connection Status.

5, Run device manager, click on Bluetooth device
6. use add bluetooth wizard to detect BT mouse.

7. Only find Bluetooth Earphone set only.

8.Noticed that mouse's was already turned off the discovery blue light, so press on that blue button again, evoke discovery processing of bluetooth function. now it is Found and working great. The passkey is to insure no security break-in, Here we choose "don't use passkey" for now.