Windows 7 Access Denied: Permission & Ownership

Windows 7 Access Denied: Permission & Ownership

a message that reads:"You don't currently have permission to access this folder."
click continue to get access and immediately get another message that reads:
"You have been denied permission to access this folder"
Right click the folder as an administrator and go to properties. The third tab on top should be "Security". Under "Group of user names:", click the account that you are having issues with. From there, click the "Edit..." button.

Remember that we are taking about two different things – Permission and Ownership. By giving all permission to your account, you will be able to get complete control of a folder. But in some cases only the owner can assign the permission for various users, we will also cover how you can change the ownership.

Changing Ownership

First, lets talk about ownership. To change ownership, right-click any file or folder, select Properties, and go to Security tab. Now click the Advanced button(shown in the screenshot below).
Advanced Properties Windows 7
Next, you need to go to Owner tab and hit the Edit button. Then in the new dialog window choose the new owner and then click OK.
Owner Windows 7

Changing Permission

If you are an administrator and cannot access a folder, this is due to permission error. To give complete permission to yourself, right-click the file or folder and select Properties. Now go to Security tab, and hit the Edit button.
Here select your username(account) and check the Full Control checkbox. When done, hit OK. Note that when you will check the Full Control checkbox, all others will be automatically checked too.
Update: This method is not working for most users. Since many folders and files are locked, the only way to access them is to first unlock them using LockHunter.
Windows 7 Full control
Now go ahead and open the file or folder and you will be able to access it. Note that Permissions is a great way to lock your folder too, go here to learn more about how to lock your folder.