eMachine Recovery

eMachine e525:
Intel Celeron 900 15.6" HD LCD, 3GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, DVD WINDOWS 7 Home Premium
Problem: Internet slow, virus infected.....
Too much trouble to go through cleaning process,
since no data were concerned as essential, I have client agreed to have a complete
factory refreshed system as it was purchased.

Universal Power adapter were needed in this situation for Client forgot to bring his power adapter in.
19 volt was used in this case.

For eMachine model: ALT-F10 is the factory recover Key,
usually there's additional recovery partition available in HDD,
if that's so, then recovery will be done  without original DVD recovery disk.

After recovery process, I have to uninstall Norton Internet Security, It's proven useless to guard against virus,
Microsoft office trial version is another one that is consider useless,
several program install as deem necessary:
Funshien( China online Movie site, requested by client)
PPTV( China online Movie site, requested by client)

Microsoft windows update is so time consuing and so endless in the loop.
it's always updating, and I may have to figure out how to update the my
current HDD image back to recovery partition, in case I have to repeat this again.