Picasa Web Users - Copy Filename to Caption instructions

download a free program called ExifTool


2. Copy the file in the directory where you have your images.
3. Click on Start > Run > type cmd.exe Use CD command to change the directory to the directory where you have your images. example C:\> CD “C:\Documents and settings\Username\My Pictures” and paste this command: exiftool "-IPTC:Caption-Abstract
Tip: Use D: or E: before the command to change the drive if in case the images are not stored on the same drive.
Once this is done you will have some backup files created which you can delete and then launch Picasa. Once Picasa is launched you will see that all the filenames now come as Captions in Picasa.
Below is an example with screenshots on how to do it:
Step is copying the exiftool to the folder where the image(s) are stored.
Above Step is copying the exiftool to the folder where the image(s) are stored.
Change filename to picasa software caption

In this step we change the directory and then run the exiftool command with the proper command-line.
Next step is to launch Picasa to fin out that the image which had some name now has the same Caption. Now you can upload them to Picasa web album or upload them to Facebook with the help of Picasa.

Save it whereever you like (I like the Desktop while I'm working with
it). Double-click the file and UnZip it.
These next two steps are critical - First, UnZip it to your C:\Windows
folder. (it's gotta be here or it won't work)
When Unzipped, it will create a file called -
Now, rename the file without the [-k] part so it is now just -
So far so good. Now... wipe through and copy this next line -
exiftool "-IPTC:Caption-Abstract
Then, Open Notepad, paste the line into it, and save the file as
Save the file in a place you'll be able to find it.
You will only have to do the above steps once.
Now, copy the Filename2Caption.bat file into each folder where you
have photos you want to work with. Once the file is copied there,
double-click it to run it.
What will happen is that each file will be copied (and now the
Filename will be copied to the IPTC caption location which is where
Picasa looks for captions). A backup of the original will also be
So for example, if you had a file in the folder called:
You will also now have a file called -
(You can choose to keep these _original files or delete them, your
Picasa will only see the new file (since it has the .jpg extension)
and it will have both the original Filename with the Caption being
identical. Now, if you upload the images to Picasaweb, you'll be able
to see the Filenames (as Captions).
I wish Google would simply do for Picasaweb what they've done in
Picasa 3 and that's allow thumbnails to display the (Filename /
Caption / Tags / Resolution) your choice. Then we woudn't have to use
these workarounds!! 'Til then I hope this is useful for some of you.