Google redirect virus: get-fast-answer and/or yellowwise

get-fast-answer and/or yellowwise: These are what I got from Google search.
Along with these, I have Windows explorer keep mention its operation been crash and Superantispyware reported broken file association.
If i simply copy what google search results link address, and paste its address to browser address bar, there will be no error, but if i click what google search link , then it will redirect to get-fast-answer or yellowwise.

Combofix seems to fix the problem some times, yet it came back.
Malwarebytes virus scan result none.
Superantispyware report broken file association, yet remove none out from my system.
Its is said that rootkit virus was the reason that cause it, since I had rootkit zeroaccess before, even though it was clean out from system twice, I think its still hide somewhere. found Trojan virus
Download aswMBR.exe ( 511KB ) to your desktop. cannot run this program even as administrator.
this doesnt work.
rootrepeal dont work in windows 7 either.
Download the GMER Rootkit Scanner. Unzip it to your Desktop.