Gmail to your blogger
Used to post friend's email to my blog and have fun with it, the way that i did before was
  1. log-on to blogger
  2. cut and paste the text message over
  3. as far ad the image,simply insert the image code from gmail to blogger
it was fun until one of my viewer told me those images weren't there. I switched to my IE from FireFox to check my blog site and found out none of my images pix were displayed, double-click on that supposed-displayed image, browser(IE) ask for my gmail account. The reason that it was working for my FireFox is because I was log in to my google account. Since others don't have my google account, there would be no images displayed for them at all.
To resolve issues like this, I was thinking of downloading all of the image files sent over by my friend to my photobucket or picasa site, then relink my image file from these free on-line image server. This should work for me, yet too heavy jobs though.
Later on I learned that I can email to my blog, that resolve my problem:

  1. log-on on to your blogger dashboard
  2. select blog, click "setting",click "email"
  3. fill out Mail-to-Blogger Address, this is the email that you use to post your documents to.
  4. open friend's email, forward to this Mail-to-Blogger Address.
  5. clean out forward message from subject and main text area.
  6. attachment will be the images to be displayed,(there's no way to manage the image files.
Sometimes email programs append text to the bottom of each sent message; to make sure this cruft doesn't get posted to your blog, put #end at the end of your post.

Note: If the images' already embedded inside email, then download image to local folder then reattach image files with your email.