All Dell pre-built computer come with Norton Internet Security suite( or norton antivirus, or norton 360.... for 3 month free anti-virus subscription.
After free period expired, Norton will pop up request asking for your continuing support( it's time for you to pay monthly),, if you don't. then you have to patiently click away those annoying message everything, let along the possibility that Norton may unguarded those virus quarantined.
Since we had problem with office 2007 uninstalled, so we like to uninstalled this norton product first.
Open up Norton Protection center:

Before that, we would like yo first backup out system, make a restore point for current operation,

then applied those security upgrade available for MS Vista.

Another upgrades proceeding

Program uninstall, fully take out Norton Internet security set.

NIS reported a license problem, disable NIS service, reboot.

Now NIS is totally out.