Chinese input method for Xp

I stumbled over this vid:
Laptop touch pad to PS2 hack

Drawing With Touchpad 2
Seems like a good project title for me.
  1. Turning a Touchpad -> Cheap Tablet
  2. Using the touchpad left from broken laptop to make an usb input entry.
  3. combine this tablet with chinese OCR to input chinese.
penpower (
PalmDragon (
Since PalmDragon and CJKOS do the same thing to your clie, shut down or uninstall CJKOS before you install PalmDragon. Besides, PalmDragon is not a freeware, you can try it for 45 days, after then you have to register it with USD30 or TWD950, and a full install of PalmDragon takes up 2MB+ of memory

To install PalmDragon, download this file (, then unzip it into hard disk, hotsync these files into youe clie\HD365e\System\OS50\*.*\HD365e\Fonts\at least one of the font file and the font mapper file\HD365e\GOGOPen\*.*\HD365e\Ime\320x320\PDIME_phonetic.pdb,PDIME_phrase.pdb, PDIME_pinyin.pdb

afterhotsync complete, clie will require a reset. Then you can activate the chinese system by taping the PalmDragon Icon.

A touchpad works by sensing where a charge builds up between the grid under the surface of the pad and ur finger. (The body is a mild capacitor). The negative terminal of a 1.5V battery works the same way.

Now what I would really like to do is use my Sony Clie (Palm OS) as a tablet for Chinese character input. The Chinese character recognition in Vista seems to work well but it is a pain entering the characters with the mouse. The PDA screen is ideal in that it is a reasonable size for character input and it shows you the strokes you have drawn like writing on paper (and unlike many tablets).
I would have thought it should be possible - a Bluetooth app?

GOGOPen's HandFly is a software application that allows Palm handhelds to be used as a handwriting recognition device for a PC. HandFly uses a Palm handheld's synchronisation cable to transmit written characters "on the fly" onto the user's PC.

* PenPower
Consumers can use the entire handheld screen to write English or Chinese characters with PenPower's recently released PenPower Writer handwriting recognition solution. PenPower Writer can also transform a handheld into a handwriting recognition pad for immediate input of handwriting, drawings and signatures onto a PC.

The former seems to exist at:
Free GOGOPen(Full) V1.5 for PalmOS 3.5 to 5.x Download
but it may be a dodgy site
and possibly a V2.1 from a Chinese driver site that Google is very strongly advising me not to visit for my own safety. In any case it doesn't look that exciting.

I have found and installed PenPower (unfortunately the documentation is in Chinese) but it looks like to send the info to the PC I also need to find their PenPower PalmPad software - which I have not yet. __________________
Other than customizing your touchpad "zones" to do what you want them to do, there is no other way. It's because touchpad only senses the relative motion of your finger. If you have your mouse pointer let's say and you place your hand in the middle of the touchpad and move it, the movement is reproduced on a relative sense. If you did the same motion ,it's going to be the same.